Handmade Women Purse (bag) – Katan Coated, Thread decor (multicolored)

Be curious with your identity!

The originality of handmade Katan felt in your hands with every touch, will excite your curiosity with colorful decor, reminding you of your own identity in a creative, artistic nation.

A blend of Elegance matched with playful colors, a vibrant fashion statement!

With clean, seamless base colors, the designer motifs on one side is spiced up with some vibrant, hanging thread-chandeliers! Styling yourself with this elegant yet playful Katan Coated Purse will give you comfort and colorful radiance to match your exciting personality! This fusion, of an artist’s color palette and of  humble elegant Katan, is sure to never miss anyone’s notice, turning every head anywhere you walk into!

Grab this purse and your good to go!

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