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Pure Castrol Oil Premium Quality (500 gram)


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If you are looking for a multifunctional organic ingredient to help with your skin pigmentation, healthier eyelashes, wrinkles, and even arthritis, look no further than Castor oil! It even acts as a make up remover.

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Castor Oil

With important omega-3 fatty acids, castor oil helps moisturize skin, and maintains the healthy skin tissue formation.

For those shorter and lighter eyelashes, this oil works like magic for healthier eyelashes after nightly usage in just 2 months! Castor oil once mixed with turmeric, is also said to soothe regions of the body aching with arthritis. For makeup artists, castor oil substitutes expensive, potentially harmful chemicals to remove makeup! Additionally, it can also help prevent wrinkles on the skin and even for digestive benefits!

The endless benefits of castor oil cannot be overstated. No matter how annoying it may seem to you, or no matter how far away you may be from its sticky feel, at the end of the day, castor oil offers great benefits at a low cost! For these extraordinary benefits, castor oil has been used in medicine or cosmetics for centuries. However, before use, apply a little castor oil on the wrist to make sure that you do not have any allergies to it, then use it effortlessly. So far today, everyone stay healthy, stay beautiful.

More usage details below:

Reducing skin pigmentation
Many of us suffer from unevenly colored skin problems, which in medical terms is called “pigmentation”. This makes the color lighter in some parts of the skin and less lighter in others. For many, this problem is almost embarrassing, especially if the problem is significantly higher on the face. Castor oil contains fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids, which keep the skin moist as well as keep the growth of the skin’s beneficial tissues intact, so that you get flawless, radiant skin. That’s why dermatologists nowadays are emphasizing the use of castor oil to reduce skin pigmentation.

As a makeup remover
What do you use to make up? Surely a facial cleanser or any other makeup removing product? They contain various harmful chemicals, as well as make the skin rough and dry. So it is best to use castor oil in this case. Costs are saved, as well as extra debt – beautiful, smooth skin. Gently massage a little castor oil on your face. Soak a soft cloth in lukewarm water and remove the make-up. Do this several times, until the make-up is completely gone. Do not rub hard again! This will have the opposite effect. When the make-up is done, look in the mirror, you look so fresh!

To thicken the eyelids
For those whose eyelids are light and small, castor oil works like magic. Dip the finished mascara brush into the castor oil. Now gently brush the eyelids. Do this every night for at least two months before going to bed. You will see the results! It is possible to thicken eyebrows in the same way. But one thing, in this case, it is better not to expect results overnight.

To reduce the pain of arthritis
I have already said that castor oil has pain relieving ingredients. And so those who suffer from arthritis can try these tips. Whether it is profit or not, there is no loss at least. Mix enough turmeric powder with castor oil and massage it on the sore spot. The pain will be reduced a lot. Castor oil awakens the thymus gland of the body and at the same time develops a special type of white blood cell, which helps in the normal movement of the body by relieving numbness in various joints.

Prevents skin breakouts
Massage castor oil on the abdomen regularly during pregnancy, then there will be less cracks on the skin after pregnancy.

To eliminate skin wrinkles
Castor oil is rich in vitamin E, which helps increase the elastin and collagen of the skin. These two elements basically keep our skin youthful and vibrant. Castor oil coating can be absorbed by the skin very quickly, so that the moisture in the skin increases, and at the same time fine wrinkles can not be easily imprinted. To get the benefits, clean your face with a good facial cleanser every day, then use toner when the face is dry. (Rose water is useful in this case) Now rub a little castor oil on the palm of the hand with both hands, so that the oil becomes warm in the hand. Then massage the face. Try it every night before you go to sleep and become evergreen!

To keep the stomach clean

A mixture of castor oil and hot water works like magic for acidity and digestion problems. Destroys harmful bacteria and gives rise to beneficial bacteria, which helps digestion. This method is very popular in Ayurvedic treatment. Mix well with one tablespoon of castor oil in one cup of hot water. Drink twice a day. Yes, pregnant mothers should not forget to take castor oil without doctor’s advice. External use can certainly be used in skin or hair care, but can have serious side effects. So it is better for pregnant mothers not to take this risk.

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