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Black Cumin (Kalo Jeera) Oil Premium Quality (500 gram)


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Black cumin (Kalo Jeera) is familiar to all of us. There is no comparison of black cumin to bring a little different taste in food. But the use of black cumin is not limited to enhancing the taste of food, it has many more uses. Its use has been mentioned in almost all civilizations since time immemorial. Black cumin oil is made from black cumin seeds. It is extremely beneficial for our health.

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Black Cumin (Kalo Jeera)

Let’s not know the benefits of black cumin and black cumin oil.

The benefits of blackberry oil
Bukhari Sharif says, “You use black cumin, surely it contains the cure for all diseases – except death.”

Black cumin oil has more than 100 useful ingredients. Of this, about 21 percent is non-vegetarian, 36 percent is sugar and 35 percent is herbal oil and fat. It has various benefits in regular consumption. The following are the different areas of use of black cumin oil:

1. Mix one teaspoon of mint leaf juice or orange juice or one cup of colored tea with one teaspoon of black cumin oil and drink it thrice a day to get rid of anxiety and work for intellectual development at double rate.

2. Mix one teaspoon of black cumin with three teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of basil leaf juice and take it for three or four days to get rid of fever, pain, cold and cough.

3. Regular massage of black cumin oil on the affected area can relieve the pain of arthritis.

4. Kalojira is much more beneficial for those who suffer from asthma or respiratory problems. Put black cumin paste in the food list every day. Also, black cumin eliminates asthma or respiratory problems.

5. Regular consumption of black cumin reduces the risk of cancer.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, black cumin has many other benefits. Regular consumption of black cumin can get rid of almost all types of physical ailments.

Black cumin has so many qualities that it cannot be said.

But the question is where to get good quality blackberries?

Where can you find good quality black oil?

The blackberry oil that is available in the market is mostly adulterated and now unfit for human consumption. Playing this type of blackjack is more likely to do more harm than good. But no cause for concern. Khasfood Shop, an online food provider, has brought you the best blackberry oil on the market.

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