Karigor: The start of a Journey in Handicraft Ecosystem

Let us narrate a story to you. A story about Karigor. Not just the brand, but about the journey of hundreds of handicraft artisans who have kept alive the traditional products, carried out through generations. 

This is a story of how Karigor aims to protect, preserve and promote handicrafts and the honored artisans who produce them. This is only the start to creating an ecosystem that focuses on the craft and lives of these amazing people!  

Handicrafts and Artisans: An Overview

Define Handicrafts, it is often known as artisanal handicrafts or handmade, is any of a number of different sorts of work in which functional and ornamental things are created entirely by hand or with just simple, non-automated instruments such as scissors, carving utensils, or hooks.

It is a traditional primary sector of craft production that encompasses a wide range of creative and design activities involving the use of one’s hands and ability, such as working with fabrics, moldable and stiff materials, paper, plant fibers, clay, and so on.

An artisan is a competent craftsperson who builds or creates material products by hand, either partially or wholly. Furniture, ornamental art, sculpture, clothes, food, household goods, tools, and mechanisms, such as a watchmaker’s handcrafted clockwork movement, are examples of these objects that can be practical or strictly decorative. Artisans are skilled in their profession and may achieve the expressive heights of an artist with effort and talent.

The handicrafts market is widely underappreciated yet has a lot of potentials. The underappreciation of handicrafts in Bangladesh has also made the artisan community fall behind, whereas they should have been nourished, encouraged, and supported in every way possible. Now is the time that we finally look deep into the problems and try to find as many solutions as possible, to do just that. 

The aspects that Karigor aims to help with are going to be discussed further. 

Creating an Ecosystem

Handicrafts have an unstructured and scattered ecosystem in Bangladesh. Even though several organizations tried to revive the industry and put it on the map, the models were still not strong enough to support the different stages that bring different obstacles along with them. Karigor’s mission is to build a sturdy ecosystem that will support the handicrafts industry and the artisans. The aim is to build up their quality of life, the quality of the products they work on, and higher grade raw materials and equipment that they can work with. The goal is not to maximize profit, but to optimize the creation of handicrafts. In time, we get a slow yet steady increase in production along with increased stability among the artisans in the industry.

Training and Education

Karigor wants to provide adequate training and education by experts and modernized training modules. There need to be even more artisans who get into the industry. The tradition and the work must be carried on. Hence, it is necessary to keep endangered handicraft subdivisions alive and in production. 

Connecting Artisans and Vendors

Karigor aims to connect artisans and vendors. There can be many specific products in handicrafts that different vendors are interested in getting. Karigor will make sure that the artisans get the best price and the vendors get the best quality products. 

Financial support and Insurance

Karigor will provide adequate financial support and assistance to the artisans. Many artisan families struggle with a lot of socioeconomic issues and that hinders the progress rate at which they get to work on the handicrafts. Handicrafts already take time to produce because they are made by hand and limited usage of equipment. If the obstacles are always present, the projection falls directly on the lives of these artisans and in turn, their socio-economic conditions. 

Karigor’s vision is to help them come out of the tragic loop, get them up on their feet and improve the conditions that hinder them in life. 

Providing insurance and external support is also a part of helping them in every way possible. We should be able to create such an amazing ecosystem for them so that they feel comfortable enough to get the support they need without cultural barriers. 

Raw Materials and Just Pricing

It’s hard to find high-grade raw materials necessary to produce high-grade handicraft products. The market is skewed and biased, the pricing remains unjust and there’s a monopolistic power, and as a consequence a disparity among raw material providers and artisans. 

Karigor wants to enable a smoother flow among resources and information, introduce artisans to improved modern technology, and help them get just pricing for their products. Artisans deserve a strong advocate for them who will support them unequivocally, not to exploit them, but to empower them. 

Collaboration with Other Organisations

Karigor wishes to expand further by collaborating with NGOs as well as government initiatives. International platforms are also a part of that structure. Getting as much help as we can, focusing on the primary priority, the artisans, their skills, their products, and their lives. 

Collaborations will also help with spreading the word about the variety of products the artisans have to offer. The funding will also be there in order to inject into the ecosystem again. The cycle should become automated with time so that the exemplary stage becomes the norm, opening up doors to many more opportunities and innovation. 

To sum it all up, Karigor starts its journey to offer a hand in the handicrafts industry, the artisans who dedicate themselves to learning and upholding the craft and supporting them all through their lives. There are so many dreams we wish to save, and only hope to do enough to improve lives. Artisans must be protected, supported, and encouraged to the full extent and potential. That is exactly what Karigor is here to do! 

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